Poetry by Jeff Green


My friend

by cricketjeff on September 2, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Attached to a man and designed for two tasks
They’re each rather different, before anyone asks
When he’s full up, I must let out the pee
And when he thinks of a lady, I stand up to see

Most of the time I’m kept warm in the dark
I don’t see the shops or the view in the park
It’s a difficult life when the best thing you view
Is large white and porcelain, that’s right, a loo

When I was much younger, the same age as he
The rest of his body was envious of me
Though his fingers and tongue had some good games to play
It was only my lot to go “all the way”

But it has been far too long since life went as I planned
These days my pleasures are taken in hand
But later at night, when his dreams he can see
His dream-self is glad he can still call on me!

Author notes

For the purposes of this contest this would be #9 humo(u)r friendship.

We not strictly another personality in my head, they were all too busy arguing to get into a poem on their own, but definitely a different personality to mine, and attached!