Poetry by Jeff Green


The World’s Greatest Cat Poet

by cricketjeff on August 30, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Human world is rocked down to the core
By Tiki’s perfect feline poetry.
The greatest verse that anyone will see,
You better rush and read a little more.
You have a world of pleasure left in store,
The words and rhyme will set your spirit free,
You’re forced to ask how such a cat can be,
And then you ask “But what is Ellis for?”

It’s not just verse, this Tiki also makes
“The cat food far too good for humankind”,
Be careful you don’t fall for any fakes
The real deal will always blow your mind!
Not got it yet? Wake up for heaven’s sakes!
If you are not a fan you must be blind!

Author notes

Tiki is too important to waste time with AP, so check out Ellis who does the typing.