Poetry by Jeff Green


It’s a Hard Life Being Me.

by cricketjeff on September 2, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Beware of what you wish for or the best may came to pass;
        A curse that’s hard to beat, you will agree.
With too much luck you’ll wish you were the bottom of the class,
        It’s hard to be as great a man as me.
There’s never any flaw in any task I undertake
And never any chance that anything I make will break.

Some people think my life’s a charm, I’m beautiful it’s true,
        But what of that? It’s such a dreadful weight.
My wish, my friends, is I should be as fallible as you,
        To not be always right, that would be great.
But such a dream will never be, I’m doomed to live this way,
The only perfect being you could meet on any day.

Today I saved a dying race, I ended several wars
        And global warming? Not a problem now
I live my life surrounded by the roar of mass applause
        And journalists who want to ask me how.
Now aren’t you glad that you’re not me, you’re fallible and small
You go to work or stay at home and no-one cares at all!

Author notes

Damn it’s tough to be so perfect!

I am also probably the most modest man you will ever meet.