Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on September 2, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She was naked when I left her in the bosom of the waves,
      Now she’s naked in the dreams I’ll never lose.
On the beach and looking seawards to the lover that she craves
      Sending hopes of happy endings on a cruise.
And the breakers break around her, bringing messages from me,
      How can a man be jealous of the sea?

She was naked in the Sunset, as I saw her fade away,
      She’ll be naked in the dawn when I return.
And the sky will fill with gold dust on that single perfect day
      On that moment I would give a life to earn.
Until then the Sun will keep her, watch her closely from on high,
      How can a man be jealous of the sky?

She was naked as she lay there, tousled hair spread on my bed,
      She’s still naked fast asleep inside my heart.
I am trapped in love forever, though the cage is in my head,
      And for now we’re doomed to dream too far apart.
Now the Moon will watch her sleeping and she’ll bathe my love with light,
      How can a man be jealous of the night?

She was naked as I kissed her and I promised not to die,
      She’ll be naked when I prove my promise true.
Though I’m far from where my heart is, in my dreams I’ll always fly
      To the beach where there’s an extra special view.
I can never be downhearted, though each day’s a dreadful cost,
      Any lover racked by jealousy is lost.

Author notes

Inspired by the painting shown above by William Adolphe Bouguereau, I do not know if my narrator is a sailor or off fighting in some dreadful war far afield, I do not think it matters