Poetry by Jeff Green


Moments To Live For

by cricketjeff on September 3, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The view from Lakeland mountains of the sunset on the sea
The smell of bacon frying in the pan
A tender lover’s kisses and the thought that she loves me
An ice-cream from a silent ice-cream van
A walk along the seashore when the day has not begun
And silly children’s laughter when they’re simply having fun

I stood on Wealdstone station looking West to see the sky
With streaks of salmon pink and scales of grey
The Moon, a waning crescent tried to say that she was shy
But had to watch the swifts and swallows play
Don McLean was singing “Vincent” and I didn’t feel the crowds
As they bustled home for dinner underneath those magic clouds

A scone with clotted cream and some of this year’s hedgerow jam
A girl who has a wiggle from behind
That day we filled a hamper and went punting on the Cam
A puzzle that’s perplexing to the mind
To walk along the river feeding ducks and dodging geese
A winter day with hoarfrost when you’re snuggled in a fleece

I queued for forty minutes to buy tickets for a friend
A present that I knew would make her smile
I flew a plane to China when a child said “let’s pretend”
Forgot I was an adult for a while
There’s still music on my headphones that is flowing to my toes
And a vase of orange roses keeps the garden in my nose

There are things some men would die for
But there’s much too much to do
Chasing dreams I sit and sigh for
And of course there’s