Poetry by Jeff Green


Bad Penny

by cricketjeff on September 4, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The man she loved was tall and softly spoken,
But there were days she sampled something more,
A careless call, her lover left heartbroken,
The best in life left trampled on the floor.

She found a man no woman should have trusted,
Who promised her the stars and floods of gold.
His crazy schemes saw many people busted,
Nowhere to hide when paper castles fold.

What kind of fool repeats her tragic errors?
Who always wants to steal an extra mile?
You’d think by now she’d sense the hidden terrors
But common sense has never seemed her style.

She’ll always be the girl that never learned,
That everyone who plays with fire gets burned.

Author notes

Listening to an old Jazz tune on my MP3 player this wrote itself