Poetry by Jeff Green


Gypsacillian Groundlings

by cricketjeff on September 5, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He loved to scouddle carelessly
Before each urgestrate
His ponchap smoogled hairlessly
Before each perflickt plate

Hombriety, his mother claimed
Would dundipple each time
But Blauxist Ichelurs could be blamed
For rabitorum rhymes

Vertricimos, his long lost spllod
Orvestteed overhead
And made his fbiblet feel quite odd
Diatimerich dead

Thructious Floodles never fail
In lopoxary lood
Eraculise your oopled whale
To turn it into food

I hope my meaning here is clear
I don’t want you confused
If you can’t quite believe your ear
Bibblobb the words I used!

Author notes

I was sure fbiblet was spelt with three bs so I looked it up and you are right!

How ongleorfious!

— Blauxist
— Diatimerich
— dundipple
— eraculise
— fbiblet
— Lopoxary
— Hombriety
— Orvesttee
— perflickt
— raboritum
— scouddle
— Thructious
— Urgestrate
— Vertricimos