Poetry by Jeff Green


Bands of Gold

by cricketjeff on September 6, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

His words could send her soaring or could tear her heart apart,
        Her kiss was all he needed to exist,
The world had lain in waiting for their love affair to start
        And now the two did nothing to resist.
The Moon and stars were shining and the Northern Lights took hold,
The moment that he captured her inside a band of gold.

He lead the Roman armies as she ruled the silver Nile,
        Her Cleopatran eyes inspired his dreams.
He burned her on a bonfire for her arrogance and guile
        But Joan of Arc could not descend to screams.
They fought for ancient wisdom and for all the stories told,
And soon she held him captive in a fiery band of gold.

She married him by proxy but she never bore his child,
        He launched a thousand ships to own her lands;
He perished in her shadow when reborn, so true and wild,
        In ways that only Shakespeare understands.
Across the stretch of aeons, as the universe grows cold,
They’ll live within the prison of unbroken bands of gold.

As George Sands to his Chopin or as Darby to her Joan,
        They’ve lived as Romeo and Juliet.
In Sagas from the Northlands and in texts sent from a phone,
        They’re lovers that the World cannot forget.
So kiss your perfect partner, She is all you need to hold,
The rest of life is waiting wrapped inside a band of gold.