Poetry by Jeff Green


It doesn’t mean I love you

by cricketjeff on September 9, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It doesn’t mean I love you if I call you every day,
It isn’t that I need you, it’s that I have things to say.
You’re really more a sister, or a friend I used to know,
I would not be broken hearted if you said you had to go.

Your picture on my background is a very restful scene,
I’d change it for another that was equally serene.
You’re number’s on a speed-dial that I don’t know how to change,
If ever I’ve a moment there are things I’ll rearrange.

Please don’t believe I love you when I’m waiting by your gate,
I’m asking for a lift because without one I’ll be late.
I don’t have a deep obsession, I’m just doing what I do,
I would not be broken hearted if I never heard from you.

Yes, that is one you bought me, it’s my Mother’s favourite tie.
No it’s not because you left me that I had to sit and cry.
If I think of you in passing that is just a foolish phase,
A page I used to write on that I’m trying to erase.

You know I’ll never love you, you will never hold my heart,
You lips cannot control me, we are better off apart.
I’ve never tried to love you, you are not a part of me
And this is not a love-song, it’s not even poetry.

Author notes

So who can’t guess which 10CC track I was listening to …