Poetry by Jeff Green


Dream Girl

by cricketjeff on September 12, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

With her tight white jeans that wiggled
And her pretty voice that giggled
She could bring all conversations to a stop
She wore boots, not made for walking
And her curves did all her talking
Almost shouting from beneath a halter top

Long blonde hair just needed tossing
And the street was ripe for crossing
More reliable than any flashing light
She had mastered sultry smiling
And her eyes were so beguiling
That the world was guaranteed to treat her right

But that did not stop her sighing
Or believing she was dying
When she couldn’t find a man to meet her dreams
Who would treat her as she needed
Understand the way she pleaded
Driving everything in life to new extremes

Such a complicated lady
Doing deeds that may be shady
Should be perfect for a man to make his own
If your life needs reigniting
And you want your nights exciting
Better hurry up and call her on the phone!

Author notes

If you want her phone number …

Tough! The jeans were real at the station this morning, but the rest is from my head I’m afraid!