Poetry by Jeff Green


Random thoughts

by cricketjeff on September 17, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I saw her in the sky this afternoon,
That plumply waxing, silver, gibbous Moon,
She ought to save appearances for night,
It isn’t right!

Two shapely hips were swaying down the street,
They promised every man a special treat,
A girl looked in a window to compare,
It wasn’t fair.

A motorbike exploded into life,
Accompanied by someone and his wife,
I smiled in silence waiting for the bus,
It made less fuss!

Delicious wine, I savoured every drop,
A better drink than beer or fizzy pop,
Still, on the whole I’d rather have some tea,
But that’s just me.

Contrasting thoughts that jostle side-by-side,
My daydreams take such notions for a ride,
And when such foolish nonsense fills your head,
It’s time for bed.

Stop reading now! This verse is at an end.
I hope it was enjoyable my friend,
But that’s your lot, I do not want to bore,
There is no more!