Poetry by Jeff Green


War of Words

by cricketjeff on September 19, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Some speak of words as weapons in a weird and wasteful war,
I find them friends and welcome them inside.
They search for hidden meanings but decide they will ignore
The simple sense that no-one tries to hide.

They dig for dirt and hatred in each innocent remark,
I look for fun and sounds that make me smile.
They only praise a poem if it’s meaningful and dark,
I love a simple verse that can beguile.

A limerick’s beneath them and a sonnet is passé,
My doggerel will never win their vote.
And then they feel offended that I do not mind that they,
Don’t want to have a joyride in my boat.

A critic can be helpful, if he keeps an open mind
And understands the poet’s point of view,
But if he hates all pleasure I’ll just leave the fool behind
And write for better readers, such as you!

Author notes

Some dialects give poem one syllable and limerick two rather than my two and three for speakers of such they will find lines seven and nine each contain a contracted “is” which I give them full permission to re-expand and thus make the meter smooth in their voices