Poetry by Jeff Green


Two Nights in One

by cricketjeff on September 19, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A tiny crescent Venus and a half a dollar Moon,
As midnight blue perfection clears the dismal afternoon.
Orion’s happy hunting and it’s time to wield the plough,
The sky is full of silver starlight now.

A memory of kisses and a hope of something more,
A girl I love to write for with a figure I adore;
It’s time for bed and dreaming of a world that cannot be,
Where there is always fun for you and me.

The birds hide in the bushes till they wake the sun at dawn,
They’re squabbling not sleeping as I try to hide a yawn.
A hedgehog’s found a worm or two, I hope he eats some slugs;
A lovely night’s more magical than drugs.

I want to feel you breathing and to join you in your dreams
Of partying past midnight and of naked dips in streams.
But I must turn the lights out and climb wearily to bed,
Where you, my love, are waiting in my head.