Poetry by Jeff Green


Financial Acumen

by cricketjeff on September 20, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A lady who once was flat chested
Felt she was too easily bested
She dated a surgeon
Who needed no urgin’
To help her become double breasted

She parted well stacked and no virgin
With all of her assets emergin’
Then looked for a tailor
Who wanted to nail her
Their interests cried out for mergin’

The tailor shared her with a sailor
With skills that she felt would avail her
I don’t mean his charts
But his years dating tarts
From Java to West Venezuela

Well dressed and well versed in the arts
Of joining the intimate parts
She felt that some acting
Could be quite distracting
And perfect for breaking men’s hearts

The roles that her curves were attracting
Were not what is known as exacting
Her DVD covers
Were plastered with lovers
And members that needed extracting

A porn starlet quickly discovers
The best of the pushers and shovers
A rough cockney builder
Who more than well filled her
Was “Cleary above all the uvvers”

When she thought that enough men had tilled her
She found an old banker to gild her
His heart was congested
And she’s now invested
The mountain of money he willed her

Author notes

Mercury Rising’s ‘Interlocking Limerick’ form.

-Here is the basic rhyme scheme:
(aabba/bbccb/ccddc/ddeed/eeffe/ etc.

OK so you need the right accent for the rhymes, but I had fun writing it