Poetry by Jeff Green


What’s the use!

by cricketjeff on September 22, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’d write for you but boredom holds my mind;
A restless lethargy controls my soul.
I’ve searched my heart but nothing’s left to find
This new ennui has left a gaping hole.

Perhaps I’ll take a trip … no better not,
Or I could do a … damn! What is the point.
My future paths all lead back to this spot
And thoughts and plans are missing or disjoint.

Today’s the same as all the yesterdays
Tomorrow’s dawn will promise nothing more
A clear blue sky’s unseen behind the haze
The birds of hope are sprawling on the floor

What is the use, I’m wandering in glue,
And bloody Hell there’s nothing here to do!

Author notes

Written to the prompt “Boredom” not a personal piece!