Poetry by Jeff Green


A Special Place by Night

by cricketjeff on September 23, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A pipistrelle flits briefly into sight
A tiny ghost too few will ever see
This harvester of insects of the night
Is silently oblivious to me

A bright full Moon has hidden many stars
So I shall sit and gaze into her face
Imagining the contours of the scars
Her violent past has left a glorious trace

Suburbia is sleeping all around
Few bedroom lights are visible from here
A tiny space that no-one else has found
Where city night is almost country-clear

Too soon the leaves will fall from every tree
And I shall lose this hidden sanctuary

Author notes

A hazelnut tree behind me, a mountain ash in front and various others all around make one spot in my garden almost completely free of interference, but the Moon can see me