Poetry by Jeff Green


The Better Way

by cricketjeff on September 26, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Why would you try to wreck another life?
That suffering can never mend your own.
Contentment isn’t won by gun and knife,
Or when more general peace is overthrown.

No bomb will make your enemies believe
That all you say and do is true and right.
Supporters are not found in those who grieve,
A shattered soul will never see your light.

For god or man, democracy or peace,
Each victory is won another way.
Your voice is only heard when clamours cease,
In calmer times your dreams may have their day.

Remember “they” are born the same as “you”;
Think how YOU’d feel, that is your only clue.

Author notes

Sadly I doubt that dissident Irish republicans, Jewish settlers, Palestinian “freedom fighters”, Al Qa’eda, US Presidents, poodle Prime Ministers and inner city gang members ever read my poetry.