Poetry by Jeff Green


Before the Summer Ball

by cricketjeff on September 28, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She smiled unseen, the time was near
Her guests assembled in the room
These fools who didn’t think to fear
                            Impending doom

The dinner bell had called them all
A treat before they faced their fate
The night before the Summer ball
                    Where love’s in spate

They should have missed her ready wit
Such happenings were all her sport
But idle minds do not permit
                      Such careful thought

Each course outshone the one before
And few would leave a single bite
The bolder diners asked for more
                            (That’s impolite)

Before the footmen served each dish
She garnished every plate with care
Her heartlessly unspoken wish
                              Hung in the air

When all the food was tucked away
The ladies left the men alone
To drink and smoke while others play
                Which drowned her moan

The sober clock chimed midnight’s hour
And all the guests trailed off to bed
Before the Moon began to glower
                                Upon the dead

The morning broke in silent gold
But none were there to see it shine
In blood her final message told
                          “Revenge is mine!”