Poetry by Jeff Green


Hough Nough Broughn Cough

by cricketjeff on September 30, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It was an ancient breed of cough
The sort that used to pull the plough

They stood beside the misty lough
Until the sunrise heard the cough

And when his morning call was through
The doves began to bill and cough

To keep away a nasty cough
They drained the meadow’s granite trough

This brought about a lone hiccough
Before the last one came to sough

One made a joke straight off the cough
Before the bull said that’s enough

The herd were comics even though
They were not Stephen Fry and Cough.

That’s all the fun brought to this borough
For better spought go try the Corough

Author notes

I’ve got a lousy cold and needed a grin!