Poetry by Jeff Green


Feeding the Ducks

by cricketjeff on October 7, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

An Autumn day beside the river
Feeding ducks and marking time
The sun’s still warm while breezes shiver
And coots perform a pantomime

A sausage roll while slowly walking
Throwing crumbs while seagulls wheel
The noisome world with all its talking
Takes a break from being real

A slower pace while boats meander
London life is years away
The mallards and a lone goosander
Want to be my friends today

Beneath the bridge the idyll’s ending
There’s no more crumbs and lunchtime’s done
An end to to dreams and half pretending
But idle contemplation’s fun

And far away is she still dreaming
By a river of her own
Where life and happiness are streaming
Nobody is all alone