Poetry by Jeff Green


Simple Scenes of Love

by cricketjeff on October 9, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I want to take you walking under skies where eagles fly
Over endless scrub and heather while the world goes scudding by
We’d bathe our feet in mountain streams and taste untainted air
With miles of peace and beauty everywhere

Or hold your hand and dawdle down a hidden woodland track
Where trees discuss the weather and the bracken answers back
To lose ourselves forever in the morning’s dappled shade
Perfection in an English forest glade

Then find a windsweep headland at the turning of the tide
Standing ankle deep in water as our toes begin to hide
You’d race me to the rockpools where we’d play with tiny fish
And we’d ask a hidden crab to grant one wish

I want to lie beside you in a dream of dancing words
Where we can swim like dolphins and can mingle with the birds
Tonight you’ll be my lover and it’s there my heart will stay
Exploring new horizons every day