Poetry by Jeff Green


For Tory and Anna

by cricketjeff on October 10, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

For sixteen years your conscience and your guide
The only voice you know you can’t ignore
A slice of sweet perfection kept inside
For only you to cherish and adore

She may have been the brightest of her age
She may have been another teenage pest
The source of so much pride and so much rage
You’ve kept her safe from joining all the rest

Your other girls, her sisters, taste the air
They know that you will always be their friend
But Anna is the one who gives you care
Who’ll hold you in her arms until the end

No mother could have given more than you
So I’ll send birthday kisses to you two

Author notes

Today should have been Anna’s (Tory’s, Passionspromise’s first born daughter) 16th birthday.