Poetry by Jeff Green


The Poetry of Night

by cricketjeff on October 11, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Before we met I had no way to write
The words to match the music of your sighs
Ten thousand stars may blossom every night
But I can only see them in your eyes
The velvet sky’s a carpet of delight
That forms the perfect setting for my prize
You woke a heart from years of fitful sleep
And promised me a treasure I can keep

On other nights the Moon’s unfailing smile
Could not ignite the flames I want to know
But now each constellation can beguile
Emotions that I used to fail to show
The endless heaven’s working to compile
An Eden in this wilderness below
We’ll find this place where dreams will always share
Reality with those who’ve come to care

You are my nights you are my summer days
You are the stars that changed my point of view
Before this new found happiness decays
I want to learn the truths you always knew
You are the spark that set my soul ablaze
In all the world you are the only you
I’ll take your hand and touch the poetry
That gave me back the chance to still be me

Author notes

Three stanzas of ottava rima, iambic pentameter written in the rhyme scheme abababcc, an ancient Italian form.