Poetry by Jeff Green


It’s All About The Tea!

by cricketjeff on October 12, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The World comes crashing round your ears
You face the truth of all your fears
And everyone’s reduced to tears
So have a cup of tea

There’s no-one left to give advice
Except a man who’s far from nice
I do not need to tell you twice
Just have a cup of tea

You’ve no idea what you should do
Your mind is mired in goops of glue
There’s just one thing can give a clue
A perfect cup of tea

There is no need to hurry up
Just find the pot and then a cup
Now take your time and sit and sup
That calming cup of tea

In moments you will comprehend
That life is nowhere near the end
It’s good to have that special friend
A perfect cup of tea

Whatever troubles that you face
However much life’s out of place
Deep underground or lost in space
You only need some tea

Its liquid wisdom puts things right
You’ll find the answers are in sight
And all your enemies take flight
When you’ve a cup of tea

A panacea for every ill
A stiffener of wavering will
It’s good for you so drink your fill
Another cup of tea

And while you’re there pour one for me
Life’s not as right as it could be
There’s just one thing will set us free
We both need cups of tea
Keep pouring cups of tea
What’s that? You’ve made some tea?
And there’s a cup for me?
Of course I want some tea
A lovely cup of tea
It’s all about the tea!

Author notes

8) Tea is liquid wisdom. ~Anonymous

With a smattering of the others