Poetry by Jeff Green


Some Singular Plurals

by cricketjeff on October 13, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In English two oxes are oxen
A singular cox is a coxswain
She foxes are vixen
The language needs fixin’
Or punching by men who like boxin’

Two people are persons perhaps
Two peoples the Chinese and Japs
Two fish or two fishes
But always two dishes
And eighty winks equals two naps

If you take two weeks it’s a fortnight
From two until six is a short night
We count off our days
in peculiar ways
A man who goes jousting’s a sport knight

These oddments perplex and bemuse
Those sheep are not sheeps but they’re ewes
Some pigs could be porkers
And great girls are corkers
They’re so many words I can choose