Poetry by Jeff Green


Sticks and Stones

by cricketjeff on October 16, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The wisest men reflect before they speak
While careless taunts can daunt a tender mind
It’s always best to turn the other cheek
But placid self-possession’s hard to find

An angry word can’t spill a drop of blood
A hate-filled jibe can’t make you scream and groan
It’s possible to stand against a flood
If deluges are made of sounds alone

We should not have to listen to abuse
Nor tolerate harsh prejudice and lies
But provocation makes a poor excuse
When anyone, however thoughtless, dies

It’s clear to me that sanity’s denied
When knives and guns defend a foolish pride

Author notes

I don’t like my couplet much, and the “ide” rhyme is far too close to “ies” I shall attempt to rectify these faults tomorrow.