Poetry by Jeff Green


A tribute to a rhymer!

by cricketjeff on December 4, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A pretty elf with funny rhymes
A poet ginning at the times
Her nipples are a perky pair
No wonder all the boys here stare!

Clever forms and rigid meter
Hasn’t found a style to beat ‘er
Syllable count or matching feet
‘Til her poems are complete

Made a chemist grin so wide
When her talents were applied
Triplet rhyme to bland a test
Though she scored just second best

I hope I’ll read so many more
She writes poems by the score
And in my mind the vision’s clear
She writes them in a blouse that’s sheer!

I give a poets highest praise
To one with talent to amaze
I am, I know, just an old-timer
But you, sweet elf, you are a rhymer!