Poetry by Jeff Green


A life worth living

by cricketjeff on October 19, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Was born at the end of a different age
Saw sights he could never conceive
Watched villains and heroes parade on the stage
But he’s not yet ready to leave

Was only a child when the World went to war
Saw bombs ripping holes in his town
At school met a girl that he thought he’d adore
Got married and put his roots down

Was proud as a mountain when children arrived
He loved every moment they shared
Was rather surprised when he found he’d survived
And wasn’t too badly impaired

Was still fairly young when his children had grown
And young when his wife passed away
The first time in life he had been on his own
Discovered he wanted to play

Was happy to find that it’s easy these days
To find what a man really needs
He goes to a room where a young lady stays
And proves he’s still ripe for “good deeds”

Was ever a man more content with his lot
He’s tried every food he desired
He’s cool when he wants but he loves to get hot
A man to be widely admired!

Author notes

And no, he isn’t me!!!