Poetry by Jeff Green


How Dare You?

by cricketjeff on October 21, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

How dare you be so beautiful? You’ve stolen all my dreams
      And ripped away the calm façade I kept.
What right have you to change the world and unpick all my schemes>
      The inner me was happy as it slept.
But you arrived and life was new, the sun rose every day,
Without a please, or by your leave, you swept the past away.

How could you smile and melt the ice that held my silent heart,
    Did you not realise what you could do?
Your pretty words and carefree voice have torn the peace apart,
      Replacing shade of grey with thoughts of you.
Where had you been for all my life, why weren’t you by my side?
I can’t believe that pretty face was ever meant to hide.

How can I face my yesterdays without a single tear,
      Now that I know each hour was time to waste.
The murky mists that hid my fears have now begun to clear
      And I can see what I have never faced.
Where will I find another hole to hide in till I die,
Now there’s a warming summer sun hung high up in my sky?

How could you be a friend to me, how could you spring the trap,
      That held me fast for far too many years?
You were the nurse who brought me round and gave my face a slap,
      And left me with then thousand souvenirs.
You took away a part of me, yet left me feeling whole,
How dare you steal a poet’s heart and give him back his soul?