Poetry by Jeff Green


The Witness

by cricketjeff on October 23, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Your lips insist you’re happy
Your eyes say that’s a lie
Your voice is never snappy
I hear behind the sigh
You wait for his attention
He doesn’t seem to see
You know his true intention
That truth can’t set you free

It’s hard to love a man who loves another
It’s hard to see him throw his life away
He loves you as a sister or a mother
But that is not the way you need to play

You smile and watch him leaving
You want him by your side
He never sees you grieving
From me you cannot hide
I see the way life pains you
I know about your heart
The life you’re living strains you
It’s tearing you apart

You cannot cure the blindness of another
You cannot drive him down a better way
Not even if you really were his mother
Could you persuade him how he ought to play

In time perhaps he’ll see you
There is no way to know
And maybe love will free you
Such thoughts need time to grow
I’ll always stand behind you
Pretend you don’t pretend
And I shall never mind you
You’ll always be my friend

Author notes

I have absolutely no idea where this comes from!

The “I” is certainly not me and the “you” and the “he” are unknown to me, but I like the way it sounds, I think it is probably a song, but I can’t write the music for it.