Poetry by Jeff Green


Getting Ready for Revenge

by cricketjeff on October 24, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A plagiarist borrowed my poem
To send to some girls that he knew
Perhaps he believed it would show ’em
That he was a man with a clue

I don’t mind him quoting my verses
Or breathing a well chosen line
But I’m sending him bundles of curses
If he will not admit they are mine

I’m happy as pie if folk read me
Why else would I scribble on here
But stealing my poetry bleeds me
Of some of the things I hold dear

It doesn’t take much to give credit
For poems and prose that you quote
And claiming with pride that you read it
Would prove you’re a person of note

I doubt this is one they will borrow
It isn’t romantic and sweet
But I will be checking tomorrow
And putting large boots on my feet!

Author notes

says it all I think

And if anyone DOES want to quote any of my poems on their sites etc. just drop me a note, I’ll probably be happy to oblige.