Poetry by Jeff Green


a fond farewell

by cricketjeff on October 25, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I shall miss you in the mornings, when the hills are full of fire,
And your face would teach the sun the way to shine;
When the streams would sing their greetings as we acted our desire,
And you told the lark to tell the world you’re mine.
I shall miss you till the mountains fade away to rolling fields
And the wind lays down his arguments and yields.

I shall miss you in the evenings, when the sun drowns in the sea
And the waves wear gold and rubies in their hair.
We would walk along the tideline and you’d press yourself to me,
Dreaming dreams of nights of romance that we’d share.
I shall miss you till the oceans drain as dry as desert sands
And the rivers cease to run from Neptune’s hands.

I shall miss you till forever has become my yesterday,
You will be the whisper on my final breath.
You are part of every moment, part of everything I say,
Until love itself has given way to death.
But I’ll never need to miss you since we’ll never be apart,
You’re the dreams I try to live by and the beating of my heart.