Poetry by Jeff Green


Well done girl!

by cricketjeff on December 4, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Her little boy
Fills her with joy
How little does she know
Each little boy
That’s now a joy
Will grow and grow and grow

Each day goes by
He’ll get more high
And learn a trick or two
As years go by
He’ll stretch so high
He’s almost out of view

A naughty game
He won’t be tame
He’ll drive his mother mad
A clever game
And more the same
She’ll live a life so glad

She’ll lose much sleep
And have a weep
And things may seem too tough
But what of sleep
It’s good to weep
When you see such lovely stuff

Mindie all the best to you
In all that you and Jaiden do
You know that here you have a friend
So keep on trucking to the end!

Author notes

For Lost Rose Petal and her son Jaiden.