Poetry by Jeff Green


Don’t Even Blink

by cricketjeff on November 5, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Don’t look away from shadows when you’re walking after dark,
Don’t turn your back and think there’s no-one there.
The notion of their evil isn’t just an idle spark
And terror’s not a feeling you should share.
Don’t stop to tie a shoelace if you feel it getting loose,
Don’t slow your pace if you get out of breath;
There’s truth in every tingle, every shiver they produce,
Each sound could be an echo of your death.

Don’t ever let them near you when you’re frightened and alone,
Don’t think that you can beat their final curse.
They’ll take away your reason and the life that you have grown,
They’ve had a million chances to rehearse.
Don’t give them what they look for from each fool who’s in their path,
Don’t show them you have seen their heartless plan.
Their victims aren’t still with us to explain the aftermath,
The only ones still living turned and ran.

Don’t laugh and think I’m crazy, just a feeble, frightened fool,
Don’t wait for other warnings, there are none.
There’s no-one else to teach you, there’s no recommended school,
It’s not like dodging bullets from a gun.
Don’t bleat and run to mummy, don’t go looking for a chance,
Don’t try to move, they’ll follow you away.
It’s vigilance, not fortune, that can keep you in the dance,
The day you blink will be your final day.