Poetry by Jeff Green


My Dreams

by cricketjeff on November 7, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The days are getting shorter and my bones are growing old
There’ll soon be winter’s silver in the place of autumn’s gold
In summer and in springtime I was all that I could be
But dreams outlive the seasons and in dreams you’re next to me

Each year’s a little longer they don’t rush away as fast
As years that I remember from a fun and wasteful past
I’ve lived and loved, been happy, known some good times and some bad
But dreams that last forever are the best times that I’ve had

My childhood’s now a mem’ry, seen as photos in a book
My youth was full and foolish with a strangely hippy look
As an adult, husband, father I have seen surroundings change
But my dreams are still the future that I wish I could arrange

I can’t see beyond tomorrow to the next inviting days
But I’m sure that I shall fill them in ten thousand different ways
And I hope that I shall meet you, and we’ll find out what is true
Of the dreams I’ll always treasure of a lifetime next to you