Poetry by Jeff Green


A Change of Use

by cricketjeff on November 9, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There was a time when telephones were used for calling friends,
Not putting updates on a Facebook page,
Consulting Wikipaedia on how to cure the bends
Or when did Gielgud last appear on stage?
But now it’s not attached to wires and used for trading words,
It’s just a fashion statement used for playing “Angry Birds”.

An Android for the geeky blokes, an iPhone for the girls,
A Blackberry for those without a life.
A case made out of leather or encased in cultured pearls,
The ideal Christmas present for a wife.
You haven’t any mates to call, but that is not the point,
If you’ve not got the latest app your nose is out of joint.

It wakes you in the morning with a cheery mp3,
And tells you there’s a meeting set for ten.
There’s time enough for texting and to read some poetry,
Then hear that bloody wake up tune again.
It ought to be a telephone … “good grief what is that row?”
“A phone call I should answer but I cannot work out how!”