Poetry by Jeff Green


A Love Song

by cricketjeff on November 11, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I can see you in the shimmers of the sunlight on the lake
      And hear you in the breeze between the trees.
I can feel you in the morning as I wait for dawn to break,
      And wish that you were sitting on my knees.
Do you sense my arms around you as you’re drifting off to sleep,
      Do you taste my ardent kisses in your dreams?
Every second I am with you is a treasure I shall keep,
      Until life itself has split its final seams.
We were made to be together, you complete each part of me,
Like the music at the opera and the hope in poetry.

When our breaths next intermingle and your body’s pressed to mine,
      I shall write a lover’s letter on your heart;
With my past in every sentence and my present in each line,
      So our future days can never be apart.
When my fingers next caress you, when I nibble on your ears,
      When we’ve lost all inhibitions in desire,
I shall promise that I’ll love you for the next ten thousand years,
      In the moment that our senses turn to fire.
I was nothing till I met you, now I rule the galaxy,
You are all of nature’s beauty, you are art and poetry.

On my walk to work each morning we go walking in a wood,
      In my office we eat picnics on the beach.
We’re alone in dew-jewelled meadows in each crowded neighbourhood
      And however far apart you’re still in reach.
In my head I hear you whisper, and I whisper in reply,
      It’s your voice that reads me stories from a book.
I can taste your salty tear drops when I hear a baby cry,
      You are next to me whenever I must look.
You are holding me a prisoner, and it’s you that sets me free,
To be all I ever could be and to write this poetry.