Poetry by Jeff Green


You must not die

by cricketjeff on November 13, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You must not die until you’ve read the words I’ll never write,
      And written words that I alone can read;
Without you there can be no day, no all embracing night,
      You are the only drug I’ll ever need.
Before we met there were no hues, the skies were never blue,
The beauty of the World exists to prove that I love you.

At daybreak you’re a chorus of two hundred happy birds;
      You’re bacon, toast and sausage on a plate.
You fill my heart till lunchtime with a stream of flowing words,
      The most rewarding meal I ever ate.
Before you found me drifting there were no sweet summer days
Of sunlight on a river watching moorhens through the haze.

You’re ice-cream by the bandstand on a baking afternoon,
      A walk that’s going nowhere in the park.
You showed me that forever is a kiss beneath the Moon,
      A moment of affection after dark.
When you are here inside me there are sunlit waterfalls
And children walking slowly on the tops of garden walls.

And I can’t die until our words are merged upon the page,
      Two poets living one unbroken verse.
Each moment we’re together writes the love-song of our age,
      The only play that no-one can rehearse.
When we have finished writing there’ll be nothing left but blue,
The World will still be beautiful, to prove that I loved you.

Author notes

first posted as a single stanza, but it wouldn’t let me sleep so …