Poetry by Jeff Green


Make Love to Me My Darling

by cricketjeff on November 17, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Make love to me my darling when the Moon patrols the skies
And show me all the secrets in the tide-pools of your eyes
Be there for me my lover when the world has turned away
Together we’ll beguile away the day

Make love to me my darling as the trees discard their dress
And drown the tidy footpaths in a sea of golden mess
Be there for me forever in the Autumn fogs and mist
The sweetest lips that any man has kissed

Make love to me my darling safe from silver plated fields
And show me how a princess keeps her honour as she yields
Be there with me all winter watching Mother nature sleep
A tender dream that I’m allowed to keep

Make love to me my darling when the meadows start to wake
We’ll gather all the blossoms that the April breezes shake
Be there with me to witness all the beauty we can find
While walking through the pathways of the mind

Make love to me my darling on the beach beneath the sun
Where gulls make raucous music over white waves having fun
Be there with me as sunlight shows me all I want to see
A furtive glimpse beyond infinity

Make love to me my darling as the stars roam overhead
And bring a breath of magic to the hours we spend in bed
Be there for me each morning like a sparkling fall of dew
And as you count my kisses please remember