Poetry by Jeff Green


Strange Dreams

by cricketjeff on November 19, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A dream of friendly dragons playing leapfrog on the Moon
And daffodils that dawdle on a lazy afternoon
Of candy floss and seaside rock and toffee apples too
But nothing else that fills my dreams is cute or sweet as you

A walk in moonlit meadows over blue and purple grass
And butterflies and hummingbirds are queueing up to pass
There are apples big as footballs in a slowly dancing tree
But nothing here is quite as strange as knowing you love me

The seas is warm and frothy and the sand is soft as air
We’ll swim until tomorrow and then sleep without a care
A walrus with a mandolin conspires to make a fuss
But I’ll forgive him anything thing as long as “we” are “us”

Do six foot purple rabbits come and talk to you in dreams
While twelve politely stripy sharks talk baths in mountain streams
Do pangolins play poker and do children ride a dove
Or are your dreams the same as mine, where poets fall in love.