Poetry by Jeff Green


The Word

by cricketjeff on November 21, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A single word, an English word far older than us all
Has caused a lot of fuss between some friends
It’s not a very complex word, in fact it’s rather small
But tiny things have started many trends
In countries all around the world where English makes its mark
This word is either used or it is not
Some use it every time they speak and some to give a spark
For others it’s akin to getting shot
We poets are a fractious breed we fight amongst ourselves
Some people think no poetry should rhyme
And Jim will tear his hair out as the dots got pinched by elves
And other folk will find some other crime
But spare a thought whatever else you feel about the case
The victim never gets a chance to speak
The word itself will still live on in honour or disgrace
It’s honest, Anglo-Saxon, and quite meek.