Poetry by Jeff Green


Another Point of View

by cricketjeff on November 22, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A frying pan’s uncomfortable, on this we can agree
    You hop around and feel a little singed
But though escape’s appealing just beware that liberty
    Can quickly see your future plans unhinged
The grass is always greener when you look across the fence
But while you’re drowning in the bog you’ll feel a little dense

If you feel indecision is the greatest fault to fear
    You’ve maybe never leapt without a look
I saw a swordfish dangling and he made it very clear
    That easy meals may well conceal a hook
Your neighbour’s wife looks cuter when she’s walking down the street
But he’s the one who suffers underneath her size twelve feet!

Your job is dull and dreary while your friends swan round the globe
    It only rains at your end of the street
Your weeks are full of Mondays you’re more miserable than Job
    They’re off today and basking in the heat
But everything’s less awful than you feel inclined to think
He can’t dress tomorrow morning and his skin is lobster pink

I’ve never been vindictive but I feel the schadenfreude
      When bullies find that life can bite them back
You see him steal a lifebelt and you’re really quite annoyed
      Till he becomes a nurse shark’s lunchtime snack
You’re stuck on board and grinning though you know you’re gonna drown
So play your ukulele as the bloody boat goes down!