Poetry by Jeff Green


We’re almost at The Ashes

by cricketjeff on November 22, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

We’re almost at The Ashes it’s the time that matters most
The battle of the bravest for the rights to brag and boast
“They’re ours and you shan’t have ’em!” “Leave it out you Pommie git”
Long nights of watching telly hoping our side won’t submit
We’re almost at the Ashes and it’s been a dreadful wait
It’s too hard to pick the outcome neither side is looking great
The pride of mighty nations hangs on knights of bat and ball
Every Englishman and Aussie has to answer to the call
We’re almost at the Ashes you can taste the winds of war
That tiny pot, that lover’s gift, is well worth fighting for!