Poetry by Jeff Green


A verse that’s unforgivable

by cricketjeff on November 23, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A badly played euphonium
Constructed in zirconium
Could lead to pandemonium
I’ll learn to hum instead

Around this condominium
In pots of aluminium
You’ll see the odd delphinium
Beside its flower bed

This verse is not spectacular
Nor written in vernacular
Oh damn I’m left with Dracula
The lord of the undead

I love to rhyme and pun away
And if you take my fun away
I’m pretty sure to run away
Or scream in fear and dread

It would be foolish flattery
To call this aural battery
Less raucous than a cattery
Before the cats are fed

My nurse is calling calmingly
She smiles at me disarmingly
Then knocks me out alarmingly
By hammering my head

They say I’m mad to rhyme like this
And waste my reader’s time like this
I’m writing awful crime like this
Because I’m badly led

Author notes

Words like to run around inside my head at times, perhaps I shouldn’t let them.