Poetry by Jeff Green


Ways to treat a lady

by cricketjeff on December 5, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Slowly running fingers up your thighs
Unveiling pussy lips before my eyes
Gently raining kisses on your mound
Listening for little moaning sound

Fingers now are running up the lips
Dew collecting on my finger tips
Kisses now are closing on your clit
Little noises say I’ve scored a hit

Slowly find a way to get inside
Warm and smooth the path on which I glide
Searching for a special place to play
Listening to silly words you say
Tongue and lips are working hard and fast
Seeing that the tipping point is passed
Fingers find the special spot they seek
Now I here the loving words you speak

In and out and licking what I find
Hoping soon that I shall blow your mind
The words to come I know that I can guess
“Oh god oh god oh yes Oh Yes OH YESSSSSSSSS”