Poetry by Jeff Green


Contrasting Climates

by cricketjeff on November 27, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On cold November days I see you walking on the beach
Or lazing in the sun all afternoon
There’s frost on all the hedges but tonight your heat’s in reach
We’ll raise a glass of wine to toast the Moon
The weatherman says snowstorms but I know I’ll never freeze
Discussing life and romance as we sit and shoot the breeze

On the porch there’s talk of Shakespeare and a statue in the town
While a gentle wind starts curling through the eves
As the trees discard their tresses there’s a see of golden brown
And the smell of nearby sea and burning leaves
On the floor my ancient “Chambers” starts a slow and drunken slide
As Orion finds some cloudlets and he tries his best to hide

Can the dreams of distant poets join together on a page
Can the breeze across the ocean hold a song
Are their thoughts on every moonbeam, fond desires time can’t assuage
Is a hope to share a Merlot ever wrong?
Can I keep the words you give me in these meetings in my head,
Can I keep you close beside me while I’m sleeping in my bed?