Poetry by Jeff Green


The Taste of Laughter

by cricketjeff on December 9, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Your kisses taste of laughter and of dreams I want to share
Of nights of playful passion and the moonlight in your hair
So press your body to me make me sure the future’s mine
Filled with walks beside the water and your sweet and heady wine

Give me words to weave a story
Send me sighs to make a song
Filled with tenderness and glory
And of wanting to belong

Your fingers make me tingle when they move across my skin
Chasing thoughts of peerless pleasures and of games you’re sure to win
You will hold me long past midnight and I’ll hold you till the dawn
Like the dandelions and daisies that bring colours to the lawn

Have you dreamt about tomorrow
When today has past away
And the ghosts of happy sorrow
Will have found a place to stay

My heart is beating loudly when I feel your silent breath
And we roll ourselves together in an oft repeated death
Let me love you without mercy for the moonlight in your hair
And to taste your happy kisses and the dreams I need to share