Poetry by Jeff Green


When master returns

by cricketjeff on December 6, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A knock on the door my heart beating faster
Is this the man that I know as Master?

  The door swings back, her head is deep bowed
  she’s wearing such clothing as she is allowed

i do not speak, just wait for His lead
He’ll guide me instruct me and answer my need

  Into the living room she knows she must follow
  When my slave is not there my whole life is hollow

Standing beside Him, His food all prepared
All is for Him, nothing is shared

  While I am eating my hands will explore
  No satisfaction, I know she needs more

Inside my body His fingers excite me
Though the slightest of touches is sure to ignite me

  Serving my dinner and standing and waiting
  To foreshadow my wishes needs much concentrating

Refilling His glass and fetching each course
My whole life is Him and I feel no remorse

  Now I have finished, I turn to my slave
  Ask if she’s managed to not misbehave

I hand him my list, each failing in writing
Wait for the words of my doom (so exciting)
  Nothing here matter, but punish I must
  Part of our contract of love and of lust

Now i’ll be beaten, the pain I so crave
The best thing in life is to be His own slave

Author notes

Not from experience!