Poetry by Jeff Green


The Best of Friends

by cricketjeff on December 14, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

So long ago I met you and I lost a part of me
Yet gained a golden aura and a lake of poetry
I wasn’t seeking treasure but I treasure what I found
A noble Roman statue in a temple underground

Your eyes have held me captive since they first lit up my soul
And showed me life is sweeter when you loose your tight control
Your hair has flowed around me in a thousand different dreams
Since I first started drowning in your crystal mountain streams

I’ve wallowed in your laughter when I couldn’t find the way
And tried to drown your sorrows when the world refused to play
You showed me I’d forgotten tales I never knew I’d known
And let me know nobody has to live life on their own

So when I sit beside you in a bedroom or a bar
I feel the special presence that’s the person that you are
We’ll face the rest together and we’ll beat what living sends
A pair of foolish misfits who remain the best of friends