Poetry by Jeff Green


The tree and I

by cricketjeff on December 7, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The wind whispers sweet nothings to the tree
As you my lover do to me
The wind plays loose the wind plays fast
Telling the tree of conquests past
As you do to me

A summers day; the wind is light
Teasing the tree to see the sight
As you do to me
An Autumn storm; the wind plays tough
Exciting the tree with love so rough
As you do to me

You whisper things so soft so sweet
You make my life feel so complete
As the wind does for the tree
Whispers and loving and sensuous play
The tree and I are one today

Author notes

Needs developing, there are some ideas here I like, I shall revisit late and thanks for the contest that popped them into my head.